31 August 2021
Mediterraneo Inside
Ambasciatori del Turismo 2021 – Camping Mediterraneo

Ambasciatori del Turismo 2021 – Camping Mediterraneo

Every year the municipality of Cavallino Treporti rewards the guests of the Campsites who have shown their loyalty to the territory over the years, conferring them the title of Tourism Ambassadors. It is a recognition of Italian and foreign citizens who choose our coast every Summer as a destination for their holidays.

This year, the Sautter spouses Heidi and Reinhold, who have been fond of our facility since the 1980s, were awarded at Camping Mediterraneo.

The arrival at the Sautter’s pitch

We had the pleasure of meeting them at their pitch, but it would be more appropriate to simply call it “home”. Because, after all, it has everything a house can offer: not only the furniture, the organization, the knick-knacks of inestimable emotional value, but above all the welcoming and daily-life feeling that can be sensed in any family in which, to influence the rhythm of life , it’s always and first of all love.

The hospitality of the Sautter family is perceived in a powerful and mesmerizing way, like the scent of a flower that has just blossomed. Reinhold makes us sit on the veranda, and his immediate concern to find chairs for everyone and, above all, for us, is moving.

Heidi greets us with a sweet and generous smile, she offers us some coffee which we gladly accept. While we sip it, we have the opportunity to ask them a few questions about their stay at Camping Mediterraneo over the years, thus discovering some more curiosities about their usual vacation here.


Dear Sirs Sautter, we know that you arrived at Camping Mediterraneo in the late 1980s with your caravan. How did you find us?

Some friends we met at Lake Garda, who had already vacationed here for many years, recommended this campsite to us.

Do you usually stay in the same pitch all the time?

For some years we changed several pitches but, for the past ten years, we have always chosen the same one, the #119. In our opinion it’s the best, we consider it “the navel of the world”!

During the years you have spent here, have you met other families with whom it has become a pleasant habit to meet every Summer?

We have many friends here at Camping Mediterraneo and we are very well known. We even have a notebook with the numbers of all the people we met here, so we can keep in touch with them all year round.

Having visited our campsite over the years, you will surely have noticed changes in the structure. What improvements did you like most?

Among the first improvements, we certainly remember the restructuring of the health services. Each year, since then, the campsite has introduced some pleasant innovations. Cavallino Treporti, in turn, has also improved from year to year, modernizing roads and cycle paths.

Are you satisfied with how the services have evolved over the years?

Yes, we are very happy and would never want to go anywhere else! Our children and their families, on the other hand, also come here on vacation.


How do you prefer to spend your days during your stay? What are the activities that you never miss during your vacation?

We don’t usually get up before nine, then we go swimming in the pool and always have a big breakfast. In the afternoon, we love going to the sea or hiking in the area, reaching places like Punta Sabbioni and Lio Piccolo by bicycle.

You have always shared your vacation with your children and still do the same with your grandchildren today. In your opinion, what aspects make Camping Mediterraneo a family-friendly campsite?

For us this has simply become a second home! As soon as we arrive, we immediately feel warmly welcomed by the staff. By now they all know us very well and are always available for us.

Have you had the opportunity to visit the area adjacent to the campsite? What are the places that you care about the most and that you would recommend our guests to visit?

Our absolute favorite place is Lio Piccolo. If we are talking about food, our first choice is the Osteria dal Pupi, at least once a week we go to eat there. In general, we have a very deep bond with this territory and with its people: for instance, we made friends with farmers, from whom we often buy seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Certainly, the years spent here have left many memories. Can you tell us what is the best memory you have experienced at our campsite?

Many memories come to mind, all splendid. One that is particularly close to our hearts are the fireworks on the beach, we have a collection of flyers that advertise the event every year!

Is there a particular object that represents your holiday in Cavallino Treporti?

We love to collect magnets to stick to the fridge, and we have a lot of postcards from this place.