10 August 2022
Mediterraneo Inside
Tourism Ambassadors 2022 – Camping Mediterraneo

Tourism Ambassadors 2022 – Camping Mediterraneo

 Like every year, the Municipality of Cavallino Treporti has decided to award the guests of the campsites in its territory who have shown particular affection and attachment to this location and its camping, with the title of Ambassadors of Tourism. The award is not aimed at Italian citizens only, but also for tourists coming from abroad who are now guests of these renowned campsites.

Mr Maurizio Salvo has received this recognition for Camping Mediterraneo because, with his family, he is our guest since more than 45 years. Mr Salvo is familiar with these kind of honours as he received the title of “Knight” by the President of the Italian Republic a few years ago.

We wanted to learn more about his story, that of his family and his love for this type of holiday that is a true lifestyle.

On a warm July afternoon, we went to meet Mr Salvo and his wife at their “home-pitch”, the same one for so long, which has now become a safe haven for their camping season and a meeting place for many friends met over the time.

Good morning and thank you for receiving us. We are very pleased to be here. We have had the pleasure of having you with us every year for more than 40 years, but we know that you used to stay in this area for a long time before that. What brought you here and why did you then choose Camping Mediterraneo?

The first few times we came to the Cavallino area, we used to go on holiday in some farm houses and visit Lio Piccolo and Treporti areas. Then, after a few years, thanks to friends who told us about the various campsites in the area, we came here, to Camping Mediterraneo. We even remember that the pine trees had just been planted. We toured various parts of the campsite until a Venetian lady let us have her pitch, which we booked ‘forever’.

After retirement we started spending our summers here. We live in Roncade, 45 kilometres from here, and this is more than just our home. We also come to the camp site in winter, precisely because we have a special relationship with this place.

We have many friends here with whom we have created many memories jealously guarded in our photographs. We have been lucky enough to be able to travel around the world, including the experience of nine cruises, but our hearts always remain at the Mediterraneo.

You have been here for so many years, what are your favourite places in the campsite?

Definitely our pitch and then my wife really likes the beach, despite the beautiful pools there.

Considering the latest structural work on the camp site, what were the ones that impressed you the most?

I remember very well when they made the roads, years and years ago now. Certainly the new swimming pools and the restaurant renovations left us speechless.

Before you were talking about friendships, do you manage to maintain them even in winter?

Absolutely! One friend, for example, phoned me this year before Easter and asked me if we could have a reunion. By now, at this age, everyone has their own problems and it’s difficult to get together as before. We proposed various dates on the bowls’ website – I am President of the Club – and then we decided for one date in April. We managed to get 25 people involved, even from further afield in the Venetian and Treviso areas.

It is always nice to see each other again, having a toast with a good wine, playing bowls all together on Sundays, and of course, spending good time together.

Some now, the more distant ones, do not come anymore but they still remain great friends.

What is your typical day at camp?

I wake up at 7.30 a.m., prepare the bowls court on the beach, have breakfast with my wife and then, at 10.30 a.m., we go to the beach to sunbathe. In the afternoon we have a post-lunch break, play cards with friends from the pitch and then back to the beach until dinnertime.

Are there any days you spent outside the camp site seeing the area?

Years ago we used to go cycling in the valleys nearby. They were very intense days and also very beautiful. We would like to do them again, but perhaps our legs wouldn’t be able to cope. Over the years, we also saw the Mose under construction by going to a restaurant nearby, all with friends. After these outings we used to have barbecues on the pitches, some of which, 30 years ago, would have up to 20 people for dinner.

What advice would you give to someone approaching camping for the first time?

The important thing is not to start out prejudiced about the idea of camping. We approached it at the beginning of our experience by going to a campsite in Cortellazzo for a day. A friend of ours, many years ago, advised us to visit this campsite. When we arrived, we were surprised by the atmosphere and the freedom, the possibility for children to run around safely. We booked immediately for the following year. We can say that it was love at first sight! When friends come to visit, they tell us that this way of camping is really nice and that they would do it too.