1 August 2020
Welcome to the guests of “A Braccia Aperte”

The Cavallino-Treporti municipality thanks the doctors and the facilities that welcomed them after the lockdown period

Every Tuesday at 7.00 p.m., in the town square of Cavallino-Treporti, “A Braccia Aperte” (Open Arms) culminates: an event during which the local community thanks the doctors and hospital staff who in the past months fought on the front line against Covid-19 and who can now finally enjoy a few days of holiday offered by the tourist facilities of the coast.
The undisputed protagonists are the doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians, but not only; the managers of the campsites and tourist villages who have made accommodation available in their facilities also participate in these events, thus starting this opportunity for exchange.
Representing the city, the event was introduced by the President of the City Council Giorgia Bortoluzzi, the Mayor Roberta Nesto and Paolo Bertolini, President of the Cavallino-Treporti Parco Turistico.

Basil, a plant for their committment

The symbol of this event, given by the city authorities to the hospital staff present, is a basil plant.
A plant with an unmistakable scent and symbolism linked above all to love and power, it becomes the representation of the gratitude of the territory for those who have done so much, spending themselves for the common well-being.
As the mayor of Cavallino-Treporti specified, referring to the plant and the living room, “It is not a gift but the recognition for your commitment“.
The basil was donated for the event by the Valleri farm, precisely in order to remember the territory of which it bears the memory, and to underline the spirit of solidarity born in such a difficult moment.

Our facilities in the front line

Barbara Sartori represents Camping Village Dei Fiori, while the director Francesco Enzo represents Camping Village Mediterraneo.
The fundamental role of our facilities has been to give availability for a free stay to all those who have made themselves available to overcome the difficult period as soon as possible.
A great number of health workers have stayed here with us.
“After such a difficult period we found some relaxation and peace” were the words of some of our guests who were asked about their stay in Cavallino.
For some health workers, the lockdown period also represented a moment of estrangement from their families to safeguard their loved ones from possible contagion. Perhaps for this reason, some of them wanted to give importance to the opportunity to reconnect with their loved ones. “A special occasion to spend beautiful time with my family”.
In order to enhance and listen directly to the voice of the protagonists of the event, interviews have been carried out that collect their testimony.
On the social channels of the structures and on YouTube, you can get to know them through our eyes, learning what this period of intense work has represented for them and what joy they may have felt in finding a place to stay with their loved ones, finding serenity and motivation to return to doing good.