27 July 2020
The SeaTales Team 2020 is here!

2020 is the year of change. New holidays, renovated facilities and a brand new team for social communication management. In Camping Village Dei Fiori and Camping Village Mediterraneo you will find 3 young people in white t-shirt, blue shorts and a coordinated bike that ride with a camera and smartphone, capturing the most significant experiences of life inside the villages of Cavallino Treporti. They are the guys from SeaTales!

A heterogeneous team, with different skills, who will tell on social networks the best moments spent in the two camping villages and communicate to everyone the emotions of a holiday here with us.
There is no fixed location for their activities. The main location is in the Parco della Memoria of Batteria San Marco, in the spaces adjacent to the entrance to Camping Village Mediterraneo, even if they move around frequently. Let’s say that they can be found wherever there is the possibility to broadcast a story.

Photos, texts, posts, videos, this is what their days are made of; looking for content that tells, through multiple languages, how unique and varied the stay at Camping Village Dei Fiori and Camping Village Mediterraneo can be.

A team with unlikely features waiting to surprise. A mix of creative madness and workaholic desire to get involved, for a social summer!

Greta, the importance of leadership

“Good morning, boss!”

If you imagined a big man with a hoarse voice and austere features at the head of this team, you were wrong. The captain of the boat is a petite girl with pungent humor and disarming sympathy.
Smiling, she walks around with her camera around her neck and her smartphone always at hand, looking for the perfect shot to convey what it means to become part of the incredible world of Dei Fiori and Mediterraneo.

After completing a Master’s degree in Web Marketing at Iusve university in Mestre, understanding the world of communication in the best possible way, she tried her hand at building an effective work system even during this difficult year.

Having worked before for the restaurant of Camping Village Dei Fiori and having already experienced SeaTales last year, it is the most suitable element to convey the link with these structures and everything that happens inside them.

Andrea, the filter to the world

“Card, microphone, reflex… I got it all!”

If looking at our posts and photos you get an emotion, it’s thanks to Andrea.

Big-hearted guy, he is the element of the team that translates the shot of a camera into a small work of art with bright colors and striking contrasts.

Passionate about technology, Andrea is a well-known face at Camping Village Mediterraneo, having worked last year as animator, in the role of DJ and lighting technician.

This year, however, we can find him in a completely new guise, ready to give his best for a new assignment.

He doesn’t need words, just natural subjects to immortalize with his photocamera.


Gerardo, the artistic pen of the team

“I will wait for you at the Museum!”

Gerardo is the third member of the team, he is 24 years old and is this year’s new entry. At the end of a university course in Art History, after a series of previous works in the same field, this year he put himself to the test with the exciting experience of SeaTales.

He is in charge of the texts and word translation of everything he sees. After exploring the world of communication at the Venice Carnival and other similarly echoed organizations, he wanted to try his hand at this new challenge, putting himself 100% at stake. In life, he is also an advisor to the Gipsoteca Canoviana in Possagno, the town where the famous sculptor was born, a guide in various museums and a journalist at Metropolitano.it.

A lover of word games and cultured quotes, he will show you the nuances of his world through stories.