3 October 2019
Goodbye and meet you in 2020 by the SeaTales team!

It’s a hot and sunny afternoon in the middle of September: Noemi and I are on the wooden terrace of our SeaTales home and are enjoying the end of summer, sunbathing for the last minutes and thinking about what we have lived together this last few months.

We got to the end of the season: Camping Mediterraneo has just closed and everything is almost ready for the renovation of swimming pools and restaurant to start, while Camping Village Dei Fiori is still in full swing with the programme “Estate Più!”. For SeaTales team is the last week: Teresa already got home to attend the last year of school while Noemi, who is still on the campsite, in her freetime has started writing the first pages of her final thesis to get the Master’s degree.

But today we do not want to think about the things we have to do in the next weeks: the sun, the cristal clear sky and the quietness of nature that surrounds us made us think about the summer we just lived together. We spent three and half months full of committments, events and parties and just now we realise that time has flown, despite the amount of activities of the campsites we attended.

From early morning to late night of every day lived in Cavallino we were immersed in involving parties, holidays and entertainment. Having breakfast on the terrace of our wooden house was just the anticipation of a summer day full of energy and positivity: before heading to our office at Camping Mediterraneo we peeked the beach and the sea, still semi-deserted and caressed by the first rays of light of the day. During the central hours of the day we were busy with life on the campsite: the animation team sport activities, the Mini Disco, wine and food tasting and many events. One of my favourite was for sure Bio Color Run, the colourful run across the village. Noemi remembers enthusiastically Ferragosto night at Camping Mediterraneo with the versatile showman Michele Tomatis. And what about the night shows? Evocative and touching are the adjective we use to describe the after dinner inside the village: among the coloured musical of animation team to the musical entertainment with bands and duets up to the acrobatic performances of Cores Da Bahia. For classical music lovers there were also some interesting concerts, hosted by the evocative park around Batteria San Marco.

SeaTales made us getting in touch with a lot of different people: not only with the two animation teams and the staff of the campsites but also with guests of the villages that were curious to know more about us and come closer asking who we were. We were happy to explain about the SeaTales project and were glad to know that some of them followed us for the whole summer. “Thanks to your post and stories, even if we were back at home, we kept on feeling like we were here with you – told us a couple with two kids at Ristorante Pizzeria Dei Fiori – and we counted the days to come back here in September to enjoy some more relax and time on the beach.”

SeaTales was not only a good work experience, but also a friendship one: and we do hope to repeat it with the same enthusiasm the next year!

Translation into English by Greta Favatà