10 September 2020
Mediterraneo Inside
Discovering the new Camping Village Mediterraneo

Those who have been choosing Camping Village Mediterraneo for their summer holidays for years know well the comfortable atmosphere and family-friendly climate that characterizes the structure. From the very first moments after checking in before arriving on the pitch or at the housing units you will be welcomed in a relaxing and particularly family-friendly environment: it is usual to see children cycling through the narrow streets of the village in complete autonomy, groups of teenagers skateboarding and even children taking their first steps right here on holiday, to the delight of mum and dad.

If the family atmosphere of the village remains unchanged over the years, 2020 has brought a breath of fresh air to the Mediterranean, which has implemented the offer of this little corner of paradise. After having walked along the entrance avenue, shaded by majestic trees and dotted with colourful flowers on the sides, there is only a bridge left to separate us from the heart of the campsite: le Terrazze del Mediterraneo await us immediately after the descent. It was we SeaTales who discovered them when we opened the campsite on 3 July.

What until 2019 characterised the beating heart of the village, the three large swimming pools and the brightly coloured rustic restaurant, is now replaced by eco-sustainable buildings revealing a brand new water park. The seven pools are home to fitness areas, for relaxation caressed by the whirlpool and for the entertainment of children between games, water jets and dynamic coloured slides.

Overcoming boredom and enjoying total wellness on holiday has never been easier than at Mediterraneo. Le Terrazze houses all the services we would like to find in our favourite village: from the hairdresser, to be always at the latest hairstyle, to the Linum boutique where you can buy accessories, trendy clothes and beach bags. The fitness corner by the pool is now located on the ground floor and has been transformed into a real gym, where fitness lovers can continue their training even on holiday. But there are also corners of sweet temptations, such as the ice-cream and patisserie parlour Il Cedro, the undisputed realm of artisan wisdom: from the classic stuffed croissant to the most sought-after macaroons and pistachio eclairs to the creamy flavours of homemade ice cream. There is no lack of choice even for dinner: from the convivial but elegant atmosphere of Il Cappero Restaurant to the refined dishes of Il Ginepro lounge bistro, where it is easy to find yourself enjoying a plate of oysters and champagne by candlelight. In the old Mediterraneo, we would probably never have imagined sipping our favourite cocktail while enjoying a breathtaking view. From the first floor of Le Terrazze, in fact, your gaze flees beyond the water park, getting lost in the sea until you reach the horizon line.

To enjoy a completely relaxing holiday, however, it is not enough to bask in the whirlpool in the central tub: next to the lounge bistro Il Ginepro is the gem of Le Terrazze del Mediterraneo, the wellness area. The Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, ice fall and the fruity aromas of the herbal tea are interwoven with the new emotions of a five-star camping holiday. A draining massage or a dip in the wellness pool are the must-do of 2020 at Mediterraneo. Il Giglio di Mare is an offer dedicated not only to young couples and seniors, but also to mum and dad: thanks to the collaboration with La Melissa Baby Room, on the ground floor children can stay in a protected environment and play with qualified babysitters, while parents enjoy a well-deserved relaxation.

If you have climbed up to Il Giglio di Mare you are just a stone’s throw from La Calendula, the solarium, where you can touch the sky with a finger and at the same time get lost looking at the sea. From the infinity pool you can overlook the view of the heart of Mediterraneo, until you reach the campsite beach, where the characteristic orange and blue umbrellas stand out.

This year the holidays in our campsite are a fabulous journey through the aromas and scents of the Mediterranean Sea, for a crescendo of emotions and pleasant surprises with a refined taste. And all this is just a stone’s throw from the sea and in total plein-air.