16 August 2019
Dei Fiori Inside
Ferragosto at Camping Village Dei Fiori

People choose Camping Village Dei Fiori for their holidays because of its tranquillity, relax and the countless services. In fact, even at Ferragosto it is possible to plunge into the Jacuzzi, lie down on your own beach lounger or relax yourself on the greenery of pitches and quiet housing unit terraces. But there is also the chance to have fun, run wild and fully enjoy a day of celebration!

The first date of Ferragosto 2019 is at 10 o’clock on the basket field for the Bio Color Run. Here the guys of animation team are turning on the loudspeakers for the music and the buckets with the coloured dust to be ready for the funniest run across the village. The dress code of course is white: all families and friends groups are wearing a pure t-shirt, soon to be stained with the colourful powder.

Before starting to run across the campsite we dance. We dance on the notes of the contemporary songs, but also group dances can’t miss. While animators show us the dance steps, people start to throw the dust in the air and soon the basket field is covered on yellow, orange, green and blue. The moment has come: Erica, the chief animator, kicks off and we start our run for the streets of Camping Village Dei Fiori.

Some metres after, close to the bathroom facilities, Giovanni and Antonio are waiting for us with a couple of buckets full of orange and red powder. We are almost covered on colours and the t-shirts aren’t white anymore. Kids laugh and run smiling, happy to see their parents covered on colours, while curious spectotors observe the scene from the pitches and say hi. Some people also take pictures or tape some videos beside the streets, amazed from the scene.

After a couple of powder launch sites where we literally get covered on dust we get back to the basket field. Before diving into the sea the youngest and oldest participants of the run are awarded with a t-shirt of PS L’Equipe. The winners are Merle, 2 years old, and Emanuela, who is 57: she joined the Bio Color Run together with her grandchild, who is so happy to see that granny has won!

After the refreshing jump into the sea to wash the t-shirts from the colourful powder it’s time to eat some fresh watermelon under midday’s hot sun. The day is still full of activities and games to do, but now is almost one o’clock in the afternoon and until three it is silence time in the campsite. Everyone goes back to its pitch or head to the restaurant to eat something from the self service.

The animation team has also organized a Mini Party for kids: at 19.30 the Kids Club is invaded by coloured flags and the tables are ready for a dinner with their favourite animators. There are sandwiches, sweets and soft drinks. Soon more than 50 children are sitting at the table, entertained by PS L’Equipe guys. In the meantime, everyone is dining at Ristorante Pizzeria Dei Fiori, taking advantage of the Ferragosto special menù: only for today are available specialties based of truffle or lobster, a real delicacy even for the most discerning palates!

The day cannot end withour the musical performance of Glen White and Jeiko. These artists are the most requested at Camping Village Dei Fiori, both for their ability to let anyone dance and for their wide repertoire. Glen White and Jeiko, together with the guitarist Pinto Tavares, play both music from the 80’s and contemporary one, withour forgetting cult music of every single country. The guests coming from Austria, Switzerland and Germany can feel like home singing Atemlos  and Cordula Grün.

While everyone is getting wild on the stage, also leading a conga line, on the poolside there is also a stand of Ristorante Pizzeria Dei Fiori where to buy some frozen Corona’s together with some free gadgets. Some armbands and cowboy hats are gifted to people who buy the beer, served with a lemon slice from the nice Stephanie.

The party with Glen White and Jeiko doesn’t stop until 23.30. But for the ones that still have energy and mood for party there is the Sunshine Bar of Omar Miotto on the beach. There, music and fun keeps going on and on over midnight, just a stone’s throw from the fascinating view of the night sea.

This Ferragosto is over, but is definitely memorable.  We as SeaTales team, and hopefully many guests of the campsite, are just wishing to repeat it this way next year!


Translation into English by Greta Favatà