16 August 2019
Mediterraneo Inside
Ferragosto at Camping Mediterraneo

The week of Ferragosto has been full of events for our campsite and reached its highest peak on Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15th of August: during those two days there have been moments of fun on the beach and in the pool, touching shows and pleasant occasions of conviviality.

In the early afternoon of Wednesday the 14th the children dressed up as pirates and guided by the animators went looking for the hidden treasure: fortunately all efforts weren’t vain and after running a lot through the campsite our little explorers found the treasure, concluding the afternoon cheerfully between sweets and fresh drinks.

In the evening, after the usual Mini Disco, adults and children sat down in front of the stage to watch the show Aladdin: the Arabic rhythms and the colourful clothes of the protagonists brought us into an atmosphere of One Thousand and One Nights. We followed with passion the story of Jasmine and her loved one, played by our animation team, being touched by the love that triumphs in the happy ending.

After these great emotions and being tired for the day, we go to bed for a restful sleep. The day that awaits us tomorrow will be demanding and we want to wake up full of energy!

It is only 9.30 am but the little ones of the Kids Club are already at the beach: it is a windy morning, perfect to fly kites! In a few minutes the sky is crowded by multi-coloured objects in the form of eagles, bats and many other animals.

We leave the kids looking upwards and go the fitness corner, which has been specially prepared on the beach, where our instructors are already doing the workout and stretching together with the most dynamic guests. The morning passes quickly, between a football match with our animators Luciano and Alison, a stop at the beach volley court to cheer up the teams playing and a walk on the seashore. The first part of this celebration day “Life on the beach” ends with the Mini Disco on the beach and the group dances which warm up the atmosphere: the whole animation team is in front of us and wishes us to enjoy our lunch on the notes of their jingle.

The afternoon activities start again at 15.30: the meeting point is under the gazebo on the beach. A group of children is gathering near the animator Arianna, she is getting ready to paint their faces and transform them into pirates, princesses and the most famous characters with thousands ideas. Meanwhile the sports tournaments of beach soccer and beach volley started again and the bigger children are refreshing into the sea with Marika and Sabrina. The two animators organized many fun games in the water!

At the end of the games the animators Sebastiano and Elena wait for everybody under the gazebo with bread and Nutella: an energetic break is what we need after so many efforts!

The real protagonist of this afternoon is, anyway, fresh, red in the inside, green in the outside and with black seeds: at 17.00 o’ clock we are all, adults and children, ready for the watermelon party! We take a souvenir group photo with the animators and spend some time between talks and relax.

Around 19.30 the inviting smell coming from the restaurant reminds us that tonight the dinner is a special one: the tables are already prepared in the pool area, the chief animator Bryan and his colleagues Pedro and Sebastiano are waiting for us. The spit is ready!

The meat is well cooked, the French fries as side dish are hot and crunchy, a mouth-watering dinner!

After this appetising meal we are ready and excited in front of the stage, tonight the showman Michele Tomatis will perform with his show “Viva Las Vegas”. The evening announces to be unforgettable since the first minutes of the show: live music, quick costume changes, singing and dancing. Thanks to the imposing background, we are brought into an adrenaline tour of the most beautiful music ever. We attend to performances of artists such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin and many others… all in one show!

Among sequins, feathers, great costumes and flashing lights there are no more doubts: this evening of high level of involvement and fun will remain in our memories for a long time!

Translation into English by Noemi Bressan